Smartphone Photography Tips Every Photographer

Smartphone Photography Tips Every Photographer

As technology gets advanced day by day. Smartphone’s also come up with a high resolution and pixel cameras which are equivalent to photography cameras. Mobile photography sounds like doubting but with photography skills you can click amazing pictures.

So, here are the top smartphone photography tips that everyone should know about to capture stunning images.

Smartphone Photography Tips
Clean Camera lens for clear pictures
Smartphones spend lots of time in your hand or in your pocket. Result in camera lenses covered with dust and fingerprint. A dirty lens results in blur and dark spots on the captured images. If you want to take crystal clear and sharp photographs, clean the camera lenses first with a soft cotton cloth. If you are shooting on beaches or in dusty conditions, blow on the lens first, this will help you to remove dust and sand on the lens without scratches on it. Cleaning the mobile lenses regularly is always a good habit and results in good pictures.

Set the focus on the object to make it appear smart
Sometimes, objects don’t look smart even with clean lenses. Because camera autofocus doesn’t focus on the object where you want to be focused. Setting up the focus point manually will help you to get sharp pictures. Focusing on the object is pretty easy as you just need to tap on the object you want to capture and a square that indicates focus will appear on the object.

Adjust Exposure and Brightness level
Many times photos appear to be overexposed or too dark, ie. underexposed. Make sure the brightness level of your camera is perfect before taking the images. Adjusting the brightness level is easy as you only need to swipe up to make the image brighter and swipe down to make the image darker.

Use of HDR feature
Taking high contrast images is problematic when it comes to exposure. A high contrast scene has both bright and dark foreground. When you take the photo camera struggles to capture the image with both dark and bright areas. The use of HDR may resolve your issue. High Dynamic Ranges allows you to capture images in both bright and darker sides. HDR option is available on-screen at top of the window.

Shoot in portrait mode to make the background blur
You don’t need a DSLR now to capture the images with a blue background. If you want to capture stunning images with a blurry and dreamy background, you can make it happen with your smartphone. If your smartphone camera has a portrait mode option available you can take images with blur background easily. Making the background blur is pretty easy as you just need to tap on the object and focus is shifted on it and make the background blur.