Preparation Tips For Pre-wedding Photography

Preparation Tips For Pre-wedding Photography

Pre wedding photoshoot is the best way to get closer to your partner and also getting familiar with your wedding photographer. It also helps photographers to understand the couple’s personality better. If you are not comfortable with the camera then pre wedding photography helps you to get comfortable with photoshoots. If you are planning a pre wedding shoot and looking for a photographer then here are tips for you that will make your searching easier.

A personality that suits for you
Selecting the photographer whose personality and style suit you is an important task. Once you browse some photographers’ portfolios you may get a fair idea about the style that is suitable for you. Photographers who replicate others’ styles for your photo shoot can leave you disappointed. Go with the photographer who has style ideas according to personality and choose the one, who does not apply the same style for everyone.

Asked Questions, Know more about the photographer
After going through the list of portfolios, prepare the list of questions you want to ask the photographer. You can ask,

Is he/She available for the mentioned date?
Booking Amount and additional formalities at the time of booking?
Get an Idea about location, date, and timing.
The arrangement you can make for a photographer
Cost for add-on services like graphics, albums.
A list of questions and preparation helps both you and the photographer to fine-tune for the event and prepare well for the event. Don’t hesitate to ask the questions to your photographer, you are paying a high charge for the service and it is absolutely ok to clear all the things before the photoshoot.

The Preparation
You have already completed the most difficult task of finding the photographer. Now preparation for the photoshoot is also important. You need to communicate with your photographer about the clothing. Many photoshoots go bad just because of improper clothing selection. If your wedding photography is theme-based then communicate with your photographer and plan the clothing design which can match the theme. If you can manage time to go shopping, pick the designs and then communicate with your photographer.

Selecting the best location/ spot for a photoshoot
Selecting the location for the pre wedding photoshoot is one of the important tasks, if you are confident then go for the outdoor shooting like in public gardens, ancient places, gardens or malls. If you want the beautiful backdrop for the shoot then go with the exotic property and resorts but make sure that you have taken the permission before. If you are a shy couple and disturb by the surroundings then choose a secluded place like a farmhouse or private beaches.