Cute Wrist Tattoo Ideas For Girls

Cute Wrist Tattoo Ideas For Girls

My body is my Journal and my Tattoos are my story

~ Johnny Depp

Tattoos are very personal. There is a story behind every inked art. Don’t get me wrong… There needn’t be a reason for wanting a tattoo, but there will always be a story.

It could be an impulsive decision, it could be a tattoo that you’ve been thinking about for years!

The tattoo could be a small colored one on the collar bone or a huge black inked one on your hip; it could be an original design or one that is inspired by a friend. Whatever be the reason, tattoos always bring in a bit of mystery and a unique kind of charm to a person.

So, here we bring to you a list of 8 Cute Wrist Tattoo Ideas For Girls!

A Word: Love. Hope. Passion. We glance at our wrists quite often, to check the time on the watch, to adjust that bracelet or bangle, to button up the sleeves. What better place to ink the words that we need to get us through the day?! It could be the name of someone we don’t want to forget too. The name of our parent, sibling, spouse, partner, child, celebrity, a lover. The list is endless. It could be the name of a book, a movie a song that left a lasting impression on us too!

A Flower with a Twist: This tattoo design for girls would be quite unique. The first step is to decide on the flower; from the rose to sunflower to marigolds. The petals of the flower can be colored or left black. Now comes the interesting part, where the stem of the tattoo can be words. A small quote, a phrase, short dialogues. The style of the words, the font can be made according to preference!

Double Trouble: Why tattoo just one wrist when you can ink two?! Choose a design that can be seamlessly split into two. Ink one half on one wrist and the other half on the second wrist. Now, only when you display your wrists together can the big picture be seen! And this type of tattoo designing would get even more exciting when you and your bestie get it together!

A Wrist Band: This is one of those evergreen designs that would never go out of fashion! It comes in two styles. One is broadband made of lines, curves, loops that cover the entire wrist. It’s an absolutely bold style. The other is a more elegant design, with a single strand covering the wrist. It could be a thin creeper, a simple ribbon, an elegant bracelet design, a snake coiled around the wrist. These tattoos express femininity like no other…

Get A Tattoo Consider These Things

Get A Tattoo Consider These Things

As part of today’s generation, you might be following many trends that are going around the globe, from getting new technologies to starting new trending activities but one of the trends that have never stopped till now is getting tattoos. This trend is going on for years and will never end. You can hop on this trend by getting a tattoo that symbolizes something important to you by going to the finest ink shop like Sacred Raven Tattoo.

As you might know, a tattoo is the best way to mark something memorable on your body which will remind you of some type of memory that has a great impact on your life, and you would want to remember it. These types of tattoos stay on your body for the rest of your life and motivate you to keep working as hard and to stay strong against the problems you may face in the future. You might have seen people getting small tattoos that have a deep meaning, but it usually depends on the person that wants a tattoo. Many tattoo shops help people think creatively regarding the tattoo they want.

Utilize your creativity skills while getting a tattoo
These body art can also be for the people that you might have lost in your life, for example, they can be a reminder that how much that person has impacted you like your mom or dad. Your parents are the reason why you the ability to work hard and believe in yourself. They are the reason why you have that motivation to keep waking up every day and to work hard. Getting a tattoo from a tattoo shop that symbolizes the impact your parents had on your life is one of the most common things that people do.

Other sorts of tattoos can be a symbol of a tv show or some artist that has made you think differently. Many people get body art of their favorite singers that have motivated them to think about their life in a different way, some people also use these tattoos to signify how a singer has helped them through their lyrics to stay motivated and positive regarding whatever things they have faced in their life. You can get a tattoo from a tattoo shop where there are tattoo artists that help you think creatively regarding the tattoo you are opting to get.

Get a tattoo from the best-reviewed tattoo shop is the ideal thing to do because they will offer you the best services at a good price and in addition to that they will help you in making the most creative type of tattoo which will symbolize whatever you want them to be symbolized as. If you opt for a normal tattoo shop, then the chances of having the tattoo you desire might be at risk as they will not have that much creativity level because of having less experience than the other best-reviewed tattoo shop in your area.

Questions About Tattoo Prices

Questions About Tattoo Prices

The same design can be put anywhere on my body for the same amount, right? Tender, difficult to reach areas of the body make the work of a tattoo artist more difficult. Bumping up the difficulty can usually lead to a higher price for your custom ink.

There’s more black ink than color in my design. Does that make it ‘cheaper’? Use of color, especially in extravagant designs, can be beautiful, but it can come at a premium. Even trying to pay less with a monochromatic scheme means very little as you’re still using quality ink that’s the basis for the majority of all the artist’s work.

All artists & studios in a city offer work at the same rates? Not even close! Popular artists with significant experience usually name their price, giving them exclusivity and demand. Ditto if the studio they work out of is trendy & tough to get into.

Do I really need to get work done in a studio? Backyard tattooing is inexpensive & accessible to a lot of people. However, the environment is not suitable to get sensitive work done, which can undermine your health. That’s not even taking into consideration the poor results you’re likely to get. Go with the pros.

How much money should I take with me? Budgeting anything, even a tattoo, means planning ahead a bit. This also means having a frank conversation with your artist ahead of time. Note: tipping is always a great way of letting your artist know you appreciate his/her work.

What are other costs related to tattoo prices? One thing you need to think about when it comes to cost is aftercare. This will include aftercare products that can vary in price. Luckily, tattoo studios have recommendations for great products you can purchase (hint: have things ready AHEAD of time). They also tend to have them available in-house for convenience.

When it comes to tattoo prices, though, the main thing to remember is that no two artists/studios are alike in how they price their work out. But don’t let price be your main guide. Your aim is to find the BEST artist & studio to make your tattoo dreams a reality. However, don’t be afraid to ask questions about price. If you’re still a little uneasy, keep in mind that the top studios actually have quote requests that can be done through their websites.

Simple Yet Gorgeous Wrist Tattoo Ideas For Girls

Simple Yet Gorgeous Wrist Tattoo Ideas For Girls

Girls’ wrist tattoos are probably the most underappreciated tattoos that have a big impact. Although the most unique tattoos appear simple to the untrained eye, they hold a lot more meaning for the wearer. Wrist tattoos are certainly eye-catching, but not every girl is willing to risk having her skin permanently inked. If you want to grab the attention of everyone, go for small tattoos for girls.

Because of its visibility, the wrist is one of the most popular tattoo locations, it’s critical to choose something meaningful. There are numerous options available for hand tattoo designs for girls such as a name tattoo in memory of a loved one or a semicolon as a symbol of strength and solidarity in the face of mental health issues.

With a heart design, you can remind yourself of what’s important, or an anchor that can help you weather the storm. So, here are some tattoo designs for girls.

Anchor Wrist Tattoo: An anchor is an excellent choice if you want a symbol that represents strength and security. It can represent serenity or serve as a reminder to stay strong in difficult situations. You can also ink an anchor as a tribute to a loved one or a person who grounds you and makes you feel safe.
Flower Tattoo on Wrist: Flowers are popular and meaningful tattoo designs for girls. When written in words, it is a way to express gratitude to loved ones. Simple floral designs of any flower, such as lotus, hibiscus, lily, rose, or any flower of one’s choice, are also available. It creates a pretty look on the wrist of girls, whether it is coloured or black.
Crown Design on Wrist: A crown tattoo on a girl denotes that she is the queen and that no one can harm her. The girls would draw in their wrists in order to be seen, and that would be the ideal location. It is, therefore, the most preferable hand tattoo designs for girls
Butterfly Wrist Tattoo: Butterfly would change its appearance to suit you, regardless of your personal style. The butterfly is a symbol of transformation, rebirth, and change. Any part of the body looks great with these tattoos. Inking on the wrist gives the design a stylish and proud appearance.
Tattoo for Girls with Meaning: If you’re looking for soulful, personal meaning that’s all yours, the wrist is the place to be. Ink quotes or words in body parts to create a meaningful tattoo. Most of the time, girls like to write on their forearms and side wrists. They’d bring their own words or a quote that had inspired them.
Infinity Tattoo: Infinity represents endlessness and a never-ending loop. Infinity tattoos are becoming increasingly popular in hand tattoo designs for girls. Girls adore adding their favourite cute elements or designs to infinity.
Feather on Wrist Tattoo: Feather tattoos are very popular among small tattoos for girls. Tattooing feathers on wrists, regardless of their meaning, is a stunning look. Artists will always find a way to make it fit your style and preferences. It can also be combined with other designs such as birds, quotes, and infinity.

The Successful Qualities Of A Master Tattoo Artist

The Successful Qualities Of A Master Tattoo Artist

A tattoo parlour is one of the most competitive industries to be in. To become a successful tattoo artist one has to put a lot of effort, passion, perseverance, and dedication to become the master artist. It is because their impact is correlated to the success of the tattoo business. There are certain skills that need to be mastered and equipment that they need to familiarize themselves with before beginning the process. If you are looking for the best tattoo artist in Kolkata, then there are certain traits that you need to look out for, the details of which are given in the blog below.

Artistic ability

There are people who love tattooing but there are a different set of people who have a passion for the art. These people are most likely to succeed because the passion extends beyond satisfying the self and extends to creating beautiful art on an individual’s body who wishes to get inked.
Attention to detail
This is an important skill that every master tattoo artist should possess. This is also one of the important aspects that a tattoo artist needs to improve upon with the help of continuous practice. They have to listen carefully to the client’s needs, take note of all the details and create the art accordingly.


Curiosity and the ability to adapt are the two key elements to survive in the tattoo industry. Every year there are a new set of trends that crop up and new tools and techniques are developed in the same way. Therefore it is important to keep up with the techniques, trends, and new tools so that the artist can yield better results while working.

Work ethic

Every professional tattoo artist should follow proper work ethics that will be conducive to their success. This will also help them earn respect in the industry and gain customers’ trust.

Asking About Tattoo Prices

Asking About Tattoo Prices

There’s nothing like getting your first tattoo. In fact, the excitement can be so overwhelming that you forget to think, let alone ask, about tattoo prices. You know you’ve got money on your person, but as you look at all of the cool artwork on the walls & check out the omnipresent BINDER of past clients, you can’t help but imagine yourself as the prototypical tattooed deity.

But how much will your journey into tattooed awesomeness actually cost? It’s not a question a lot of people like to ask only because it feels tacky. What’s more, tattoo artists have earned a reputation for becoming quite prickly about the way they charge for tattoos, leaving many prospective clients turned off by the attitude. The problem is that each person has a point.

Artists feel as though they are creating art, and to put a price tag on that seems crazy. Moreover, they are also working stiffs who want to be sure their time, skills, and tools receive the proper compensation to make a living. On the other end, clients feel as though they are effectively operating as consumers, and they want the best value for their money.

There is a happy medium somewhere, but finding it can be as much of an adventure as trying to capture Carmen San Diego! It might be best for clients to think about why they are getting tattooed and what they want in terms of a design. Getting a bit introspective about the whole process may be a good way to stop & think about things in general. Specifically, though, it makes one think about how the price of their prospective artwork may be influenced by their motivations & expectations.

Some questions worth asking may include:

Do I have the money to afford this? Most tattoo studios don’t have posted pricing, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t look around for an idea of what a tattoo may cost. As you research, start thinking about what you have to spend & what you want to spend. Instead of thinking about bargaining for services, you may find that you’ll have to pump the brakes for a bit before you get inked up so that you can get the right funds together.

Is my dress code OK with this tattoo decision? While not a direct impact to your tattoo’s cost, you may want to find out if the artwork is worth the investment based on your school or work dress code. If your aim is to show the custom ink but you’re not allowed to at school or work, why make the expense in the first place?

Best Tattoo Artist in the World

Best Tattoo Artist in the World

Do you want to get a tattoo? Are you enthusiastic about tattoos and want something new and interesting this time? Do you know what a realism tattoo is? Are you looking for the best realism tattoo artist? Then we are here to assist you in this research. We are here to save your precious time and have already done the research and brought this article for you to help you out. Just read this article, and you will get all the necessary information regarding and their artists. So, let us continue.

What is a realism tattoo?

Before getting to know the best realism tattoo artist, we should first understand the meaning of a realism tattoo. those tattoos that portray the exact 3D image of real things present in the world around you. Realism tattooing is not an easy job for both the artist and the client. The artist requires a lot of practice before reaching the best level. Therefore, choosing the right realism tattoo artist is crucial if you want excellent results. You have to perform some serious research before choosing your realism tattoo artist because every artist is not a practical or experienced artist.

History of realism tattoos:

Realism tattoos were introduced in the 1850s against the romantic art movement in France. This is a brief one-line history for you to know.

Types of realism tattoos:

There are two major types of based on color;

• Black and grey tattoo:

As the name indicates, these tattoos only have black and grey colors. This type of realism tattoo gives an advantage to the artist that he or she can focus more on the perfection and realism of the tattoo and only on the shading part of the tattoo.

• Full-color tattoo:

In this type of tattoo, we use watercolors, and the tattoo is more colorful. This type of tattoo requires much more focus and time. You must choose the finest tattoo artist for this type of realism tattoo, and Iron Siren “Liz” is the best choice you have.

Realism tattoo designs:

There is a wide range of designs and objects that you can paint on your skin by the art style, but the most common are as follows:

• Photographs:

The most common demand in realism tattoo is the portrait of a real person. This photograph may be of any friend or family member. You love them so much that you want to print their picture on your body. People often want a tattoo of their favorite celebrities or even pets, and the realism tattooing technique is the best way to get it done and get the desired results.

The Essential Guide To Tattoo Aftercare

The Essential Guide To Tattoo Aftercare

If you have a tattoo or have thought about getting a tattoo, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve not given one thought to tattoo aftercare. I mean, why would you, right? The whole idea behind aftercare is that you baby the heck out of your new custom ink so that nothing happens to it. Then again, therein lies the ACTUAL WHOLE POINT to tattoo aftercare. You’re trying your best to make sure nothing happens to your tattoo.

Try as you might not think about it, your tattoo is an open wound. It can have all the color in the world, be based in watercolors, have a sleek design, or be the most blacked out work you can get done, but it’s still an open wound that’s prime real estate for any foreign agent to get in & infect. Your job is to make sure to keep that from happening. In fact, if you went to a reputable tattoo studio to get your work done, they likely beat you over the head with a ton of information on how to properly care for your tattoo. There’s actually a few reasons for that: 1) they don’t want to have to deal with unnecessary touch-ups due to bad upkeep, or 2) they don’t want your bad upkeep to be a reflection of their studio.

And the really important one to keep in mind: they don’t want your tattoo to become infected. This can lead to litigation against the studio (even though they went over aftercare with you), plus you’ll need to get immediate medical attention. Both of these scenarios is something everyone wants to avoid. But even if it’s only as simple as not wanting a botched tattoo, who wants to pay good money for good work only to say, “Meh, we’ll see what happens. I don’t got time for all kinds of ointments & skin care routines.” I mean, you may have sat for a few hours for a tattoo appointment, but you can’t be bothered to give a few minutes for aftercare, right?

See? Yeah, it doesn’t make sense, and this is exactly what seems to be the consensus from most of the leading tattoo artists & studios surveyed about their biggest pet-peeves in the industry. Few things get them miffed more than clients not taking care of their new artwork.

If this lackadaisical attitude about tattoo aftercare kinda describes you, then it might be a good idea to get a basic, though thorough, breakdown on how to care for your next bit of ink. First & foremost, wash your hands. Nothing you do during your aftercare routine will be as important as making sure your hands are as clean as possible from the start. Given as much as we’ve washed our hands over the last eighteen months or so, you’ve gotten a lot of practice.

The Most Popular Tattoo Designs

The Most Popular Tattoo Designs

Perhaps the most popular tattoo design is the tribal mark. This kind of tattoo is the source of much controversy, with some people being of the opinion that a tribal tattoo on someone with at best a tenuous link to that tribe is a sign of cultural tourism. This often leads to a debate between fans of ink. How Irish do you have to be to get a Celtic cross? How close does your Japanese ancestry need to be before you can get a Japanese script drawn on you?

Another form of tattoo which has gained massive popularity is that of angel wings, or indeed any other form of wings. These can be drawn anywhere on the body, but are particularly popular when drawn on the back. The idea is that the bearer has wings sprouting out of their back and is ready to take flight. The tattoo symbolizes freedom and elevation, popular themes with a link to escapism.

Fair enough, if someone simply gets a tattoo because they want attention then it is a little bit boring. But what cannot be denied is that the most popular designs keep getting chosen, regardless of anyone else’s opinion.

The Corporate Logo Tattoo

A craze has cropped up in the last decade or so for people to get corporate logos tattooed on their bodies. This is one of the more controversial styles of tattoo, given that the previous reputation surrounding tattoos was that they were somewhat of a counter-culture statement and anti-corporate. The idea of tattooing the logo of a major global corporation that has a perfectly good advertising budget all by itself seems to go counter to all that. Whatever the company, it pays to think: “If they spend $800 million a year on advertising, do they really need my help getting their logo out there?”.

If it is the logo for your own company then there is more reason for getting it etched on you. The old saying, that no publicity is bad publicity, is true to an extent. There are two caveats here – will your company logo be recognizable to people who see it from a distance on your bicep? Secondly, if that company should go bust at some point do you really want a reminder of it inked into your skin?

Some people get these tattoos just because they think the logo looks cool, or because there is a certain amount of retro glamor to the look. Sometimes they are right. One must however be careful when getting anything corporate inked on their body – if you are impervious to scorn there may not be any cause for concern, but otherwise you will have a hard time living it down.

Top Benefits of Getting a Tattoo

Top Benefits of Getting a Tattoo

Sometimes, people feel what it would be to ink my emotions in the air or communicate through colours and Images. But, they can easily do that by getting tattoos on their body and providing an open statement about their feelings.

Tattoos have always been a key part of many people’s life. It offers an expression for the emotions through them. This post talks about some useful benefits of getting a tattoo that you must know if you plan to get a tattoo.

• A Voice and Constant Reminder of Happy and Sad Times

Do you have a remembrance or memory of bad times like self-inflicting measures or trauma or the best phase of your life? If you don’t have that, how are your views about a tattoo that reminds you of all of your bittersweet memories? If you had been a drug addict or have suffered from depression, a tattoo will always remind you of all those times and inspire you to look for greater living.

Your tattoo will always shout to you in your wildest dreams to be someone you had been longing for years. It will be a kind of companion that you could talk to, and it will give you impulses for a state of life you never had.

The colours in the tattoo will fill your soul and heart with a hue that will never fade. Whenever you feel detached or broken, it will get you together, hold your hand and bring you back to light. If you love someone or your passion, you can have it and dedicate it to them. This will strengthen your bond and your belief.

• Self-esteem

Have you ever been tossed out of a conversation or a party because you were observed as an odd person? Or do you doubt yourself or don’t know your worth? It is best to have a tattoo to face it.

Tattoos have enhanced the self-esteem of many people. According to a survey, almost ninety percent of people who have had a tattoo has experienced a boost in self-confidence because of the escape that tattoos offered them.

It seems strange sometimes how ink makes us so happy. But, tattoos do help people because of the alignment of their feelings. People see it as a reflection of what they had to go through, and it’s really beautiful.

It builds confidence in them that they had had enough of that mess, and now we want to be who we are, and nothing is stopping us. Make sure to visit the best tattoo studio in Thailand or any other preferred location to get the best design and boost your self-esteem.